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About Us

Pooshingar mineral insulators Industries Company with trade name "Pomic" is active in manufacturing types of sound and thermal mineral insulators made of rockwool was stablished on 2004. This company is located at Isfahan, Moorcheh Khort Industrial Town with great ability to manufacture types of rockwool insulators and attempts to play a prominent role in optimizing energy consumption by producing the insulators with high quality.


?What is the Rockwool

Rock wool derives from sound and heating insulators family including the mineral fibers, that's why it is sometimes named "mineral wool”. The main first material for producing this insulator is the most famous igneous rock, Basalt or Diabase, which is the remnants of the volcanic activity. The rock wool plays an important role in saving energy through decreasing the consumption and also the sound absorption in homemade and industrial structural services, petrochemical, gas and oil industries, food industries, heating and cooling systems, engine rooms, shipbuilding industries, pipes contains cold and hot fluids, reservoirs, boilers and also greenhouse cultivation.


Types of Rock Wool Products



Blanket without sheet and with Aluminum Foil Sheet or Craft Paper Sheet. It is applied in the cover of suspended ceiling, factory shed ceiling, air-circulation channels (air circulation ducts), boilers and pipes heating and cooling units for homes and so on.


Slab Board

Uncoated and Coated Slab Board with Aluminum Foil Sheet and Craft Paper Sheet. This type of insulator is applied in constructing, shipbuilding, conference halls and studios, petrochemical plants, refineries, power stations, airports, subways, and so is in the production of sandwich panels.


Iso Blanket

Iso Blanket with one-side wired screen sheet and two-side wired screen sheet. The use of this type of insulation on flat and curved surfaces of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, large-diameter pipes, tanks and boilers, furnaces and ovens, exhaust turbines and chimneys and others.


Iso Pipe

Iso Pipe insulator without sheet and with Aluminum Foil Sheet or Craft Paper Sheet. The use of this kind of products is in petrochemical, gas and oil industries, food industries, homemade structural services (household utilities) and pipes containing warm and cold fluids.

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